12V 24V ZVS Tesla Coil Flyback Driver Generator Marx Generator J

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Specifications:Input Voltage Output Voltage Maximum Power12V approx 10000V 100W24V approx 20000V 200WFeatures:The ZVS driver circuit elements are made of high quality, high reliability, strong power.Input 12-24V DC (Recommended 24..

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Input Voltage Output Voltage Maximum Power
12V approx 10000V 100W
24V approx 20000V 200W


The ZVS driver circuit elements are made of high quality, high reliability, strong power.
Input 12-24V DC (Recommended 24V), you can use the switching power supply, lead-acid batteries or lithium battery-powered, can also be used by the rectifier transformer power supply filter, filter capacitor is not less than 10000uF.
Output high voltage DC input voltage is approximately 800 times the voltage.
12V input to be 50-100W power, 24V input arc can be up to 200W or more, it requires power supply current is preferably at least 10A.

Common debugger questions:

1. Driver board does not work
Please check if power supply voltagecurrent is sufficient. Normally recommend use 12V+, 5A+ power supply.
2. Excessive heat generated at magnetic coil
When using transformer as power supply, filter capacitor should have sufficient capacity, otherwise voltage will not be stable, then coil inductor will shoulder great voltage fluctuation and gives out excessive heat. Recommend to use 10000uf+ filter capacitor.

Package includes:

1 x ZVS Tesla coil flyback driver generator

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