E3D V6 Double Extrusion Head With M4 Effector Aluminum Fisheye D

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Description:0.4mm, double nozzle effector Kit24 mm distance between 2 hotendsType: 1.75mm3.0mm (Optional)Package includes:1 x Fisheye deck aluminum block2 x Silicone gasket3 x M3*20 screw3 x Self lock M3 nut2 x 0.4mm extrusion noz..

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0.4mm, double nozzle effector Kit
24 mm distance between 2 hotends
Type: 1.75mm3.0mm (Optional)

Package includes:

1 x Fisheye deck aluminum block
2 x Silicone gasket
3 x M3*20 screw
3 x Self lock M3 nut
2 x 0.4mm extrusion nozzle kit

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